Tired Psu Repair My Atari 520STFM

This isn’t an instructional video, if you try this yourself be careful and don’t touch anything while the PSU is plugged in. It’s connected to the mains, and we all know touching live wiring is bad.

The PSU is the most important part of the machine. It feeds the ST with +5 and +12v DC at up to around 2 amps which is more than enough to power the basic hardware an ST contains. In this video I replace the capacitors and upgrade the bridge rectifier to one that can supply more current which should make it last another 30 years.

Once the PSU has been repaired I can begin upgrading the RAM, figuring out how the crazy TOS upgrade actually works and building an ACSI to SD adaptor so my ST can have a hard disk – something I’ve wanted ever since I owned the machine.