Upgrading My Atari ST to 4MB

One of the first upgrades I ever got for my ST was a RAM upgrade to take it from the stock 512KB to 1MB. The one I got was the Marpet XTra RAM Deluxe board as I quite liked the idea of being able to add more RAM in the future.

At the time I never did, but it’s the future now, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. At some point in the machine’s past I did stick two 1MB SIMMs in it to take the machine to 2.5MB but I don’t remember when or why. They might have been spares from upgrading a PC.

Initially I wanted to try out making my own SIMMS using a PCB design I found on github but for some reason it didn’t work. It’s possible I have the wrong RAM chips or I damaged them somehow when soldering. I’m not quite sure.

After upgrading the machine I want to use it for more serious things than playing games. There was some interesting software I read about but could either never afford or didn’t have enough RAM to run.

Something I want to look at is running an alternate operating system like MiNT or MultiTOS. It might push my machine a bit far, but that could be fun to find out.

Before doing this I will need some sort of hard disk, and that’s going to be a future video. I have an ACSI2SD adapter that I need to build.