NCoT Technology

What's this all about then?

Who am I?

Hello, I'm James. I'm the kind of person who takes things apart before switching them on. My parents bought me a stereo when I was small, they went out shopping and returned to find I'd dismantled it all over my bedroom floor. Later they came back to discover I'd reassembled it - and it was working again. I kind of haven't stopped doing it since. This general curiosity of how things work has lead to me becoming interested in computers and programming, and more recently general Making and creating. If it involves problem solving, is relatively complicated and means I might learn something new, I'm there!

What is this place?

NCoT Technology is my place on the Internet to show the things I've made or learnt. It started off a few years ago as a Wordpress blog with some writing about my attempts at making games, but I never really felt writing blog posts was the correct way to do this. I'm now using a CMS called ProcessWire and have created a rather good way to demo the varied interests I have. The name comes fromĀ Nice Cup of Tea, which is an important part to the Making process.

What I Do

There's no set theme to this website. I'm not just a computer nerd, I don't just try to make video games, nor do I just try to create electronics projects. If it's interesting to me, I'll write about it on here. For example I have an allotment, and there's a whole section dedicated to my efforts keeping that in order. This website is here to show you what I've done, and to also remind me of the things I've done to motivate me to keep making things. If you're a similar kind of person, click your favourite contact icon below and say hello!