Unopened Decade My Atari 520STFM

Come with me for a nostalgic trip around my Atari ST that I had has a child that has been sat unopened for the past 10 years. What will it be like inside? Have all the capacitors leaked? Is the motherboard corroded? What upgrades did I do to it, and do they still work?

In this video I go through the hardware, what I used to do with the Atari ST and make a list of future improvements and fixes to make.

This is part one of an ongoing series where I try to restore and upgrade my own personal Atari ST that I’ve had since I was 13. I want to turn it into a functional machine again, adding all the upgrades I could never afford as a child. Then I’d like to use it for some programming, DTP and other “real” computer tasks that I did actually use it for when it was my current computer.

You see this was the first “real” computer I owned as a kid. Before this I had a Spectrum +3 which I enjoyed using, but it still largely behaved like a 48K machine and had really chunky graphics. The ST had a diskdrive, a real keyboard and a proper GUI that could run “serious” software. I spent hours just using it and learning many of the basic IT skills I’ve used ever since.

In future videos I will be building an ACSI2SD hard disk adaptor, upgrading the RAM and using it for some serious period-accurate computing.