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  • How to disable Chrome’s ssl and hsts warnings

    tldr; type in ‘thisisunsafe’ into the browser window to switch the warning off. Use with care.

  • When did Linux get so complicated?

    Today on “weird crap that seems undocumented on the Internet” we have DNS that doesn’t want to resolve and DHCP that is acting weird. My home DNS server decided it didn’t want to resolve things any more, and it took far too long to figure out why. It was all working fine, then it wasn’t.…

  • Hacking Smart Home Devices – Literally

    This week I have literally been hacking smart home devices. With a Dremel and a knife… To see why you’ll have to wait for a video coming out sometime this month or next month depending on the post. The short version is I want these to run Tasmota instead of the Tuya firmware they come…

  • 2022 Review

    Let’s have a look at what I did last year, then work out what I’m going to be doing this year.

  • SO my network broke…

    But this is not a post about that, that post was great, it was long and descriptive and kind of amusing to read. And then I deleted it by accident due to some questionable UI choices in WordPress and the wonky trackpad on my tablet. Did you know WordPress will permanently delete posts without prompting.…

  • So How Long Do HDDs Last Anyway

    Seems I’ve been replacing drives in my NAS recently. Is it a coincidence or are my drives crap? How long does a drive in a NAS last anyway?

  • Home Assistant Solar Monitoring

    I’ve managed to get Home Assistant working out how much the energy produced by my solar system would cost me off the grid.

  • Image Shortcode Test

    Testing some better ways to show images.

  • Workshed Tidying

    I tidied up my workshed ready for some new projects.

  • MS Powertoys Remap Keyboard

    Use PowerToys in Windows 11 to remap keys on your keyboard.