October Solar Stats

Today was a pretty rubbish day for sunlight. There was a brief moment earlier in the day where the battery didn’t go flat as quickly as normal

But it’s all stored power from charging at night. The panels on the roof haven’t really done much today.

I’ve switched the solar system in my shed back on, it makes a bit of a difference, cutting down the general load on the house by about 150w which can be enough to allow the house batteries to charge up so I have more power during the night.

Although on here you can see when I ran the microwave and had the grill on for tea. Also I think you can see the fridge/freezer cycling on and off.

Stay tuned for more exciting graphs when they happen. The battery isn’t flat yet though, it gets quite close at night but I think providing I don’t decide to cook a roast in the oven on an evening it’ll be fine.