Running a PeerTube Instance

For no reason other than I can, I’ve set up a PeerTube instance to also upload my videos to. It’s good to not put all your eggs in one basket and all that.

I’m not sure how well it’ll work if people actually start watching video from it, it is behind my own Internet connection which while I have 900mbit down, I think I have something like 150mbit upload – although I did just email my ISP to find out if they offer a symmetric speed. Paying for my broadband and running services inside my house is still cheaper than hosting them on the cloud.

I guess the “trick” with PeerTube is to get other instances to follow me so my videos get spread across their users. Discoverability in the Fediverse is a bit difficult, it’s like the Old Internet. We’ve become a bit dependent on mindlessly hoovering up content sent to us by algorithms, we’ve sort of forgotten how to go and find information.

For once setting up PeerTube was quite easy, the setup was straight forward and even poking a hole through my Nginx reverse proxy was easy. Normally this requires a bit of creative thinking, but this time it was easy. Peertube assumes you’re behind a proxy anyway. Getting Mastodon to work was quite confusing and difficult in comparison.

Here’s a link to a video as a test to see if WordPress can embed these videos.

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    @[email protected] Hello me, this is a reply to see if it appears anywhere within WordPress.

    1. ThatKomputerKat :neocat_cool: avatar

      @[email protected] @[email protected] it does. Looking at this from Mastodon didn’t show a video but then I’m sure you already noticed this. :neocat_thinking:

      It’s unfortunate that the peertube embed doesn’t let the user click through to the peertube channel, at least not on iOS anyway.

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    @james Hey James, I'm glad you're doing this, it may encourage more people to break some of their (mine too) bad habits.

    Whilst you're at it, and because this newly gained knowledge is still fresh on your mind, it'd be very cool if one of your upcoming videos were precisely showing how to get a set-up like yours done. A video or a series of videos, probably.

    I know it may be work, but since you appear to be interested in delivering educational value, I thought that would fit the criteria.

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