Federated Madness

You know this Mastodon thing everyone’s going apeshit over? Well it runs on a technology called ActivityPub which is something everything needs to support. It implements social media style following and so on using a protocol that anyone can use.

So, as is my way I’ve been playing. I already run a Mastodon instance that you should follow me on, but now I also have a Pixelfed instance running that you can follow me on too.

Mastodon is the hippie friendly version of Twitter, Pixelfed is the equivalent of Instagram. They both use the same social media protocol, so you can follow one from the other. There’s also PeerTube, but I don’t quite have the desire to host video myself, I’ll leave that to YouTube and Odysee (yeah I have an account there, it’s merely a mirror, I don’t interact with it).

This post is also a cunning test of whether the ActivityPub plugin for my blog works. If it does, you can follow just my blog by sticking @[email protected] into your Mastodon/whatever search box. And if you want some random pictures, use @[email protected] instead.

One response to “Federated Madness”

  1. James@ncot.uk avatar

    @[email protected] @[email protected] Aha, it works! Let's go post a picture and see if that works too…