Happy 2024!

Hello everyone! Let’s get on with it, shall we? Last year went pretty well, I released 14 videos and towards the end of the year experimented with releasing more than one video a month. I’ll also experiment with some more spontaneous content on here and maybe the odd Short. YouTube seems to like those, and doing what YouTube likes is the secret to growing.

The plan for this year is more. More content. More consistently. With a bit more variety. But in a way that won’t burn me out or cause me to rush out half baked crap.

Behind the scenes last year I was trying various ways to be more efficient at planning and making videos. I’ve always had some sort of idea about what the next video should be, but from August last year I made an actual list of upcoming videos and used that as a guide, trying to schedule their releases on a consistent basis.

This went quite well but soon showed me that some of my planning needed to be tighter to make the videos more interesting. A few I cancelled because they were turning into something that felt low effort or I just couldn’t find an interesting point to the video and some just ended up feeling like I was reading out a Wikipedia article and setting it to stock imagery.

I’ve always liked technical content and that’s what my videos are going to focus on. I like making the computer science videos and they seem to do quite well – especially when I talk about programming languages. I want to do other types of video again though and get back into programming and electronics videos.

I had a bit of an enforced break during December. First I caught a cold which then vacated and was replaced by the flu which turned into a pretty spectacular chest infection. Then I caught yet another cold and now I think I’ve got rid of all that, but most of the Christmas break was spent lying around or sleeping so I’ve got some catching up to do!

While lying about coughing my guts up I had plenty of time to think and plan. My current plan is to rotate through three different types of video on a two week basis. There’ll be a computer science video, a gamedev video where I’ll be figuring out how to write games for the Agon Light 2, and then some general tinkering and electronics videos. That way there’s a bit of variety, but the content is all still loosely related to each other, and I won’t get bored.

It’s quite tough finishing one video, releasing it and then immediately needing to start making the next one. It didn’t give me enough time to properly plan the computer science videos and even less time to properly edit them. Programming videos are lengthy to create too, and electronics projects take time mostly because I need to wait for things to arrive through the mail. Rotating through each one on a two week cycle though gives plenty of time between videos.