Tag: Home Assistant

  • Sonoff Hacking to install Tasmota

    I bought some of those Sonoff BASIC smart switches off Amazon and flashed them with Tasmota. It’s a pretty painless affair, the programming contacts are right there on the board, and the case comes apart with your fingernails. What you’ve got to watch out for are idiot sellers on eBay trying to game the system…

  • Custom HomeAssistant display using openHASP

    It’s my opinion that if you’re going to fill your home with smart devices, they need to be easy to control and monitor. Having to pull a phone out a pocket just to switch some lights on is annoying. Equally, having to open a browser just to see the state of everything is equally annoying.…

  • Estimating Battery Runtime Using Home Assistant

    How I set up Home Assistant to tell me the remaining runtime on my home solar battery system.

  • DIY Solar – is it worth it?

    Can I put a solar panel on the roof of my shed and use it to power my server farm, or will I just waste all my money?

  • Hacking IoT Smart Plugs

    Let’s make the Internet of Things a bit more useful, and less like The Internet of Turd by hacking some smart plugs so they no longer phone home to China.

  • Hacking Smart Home Devices – Literally

    This week I have literally been hacking smart home devices. With a Dremel and a knife… To see why you’ll have to wait for a video coming out sometime this month or next month depending on the post. The short version is I want these to run Tasmota instead of the Tuya firmware they come…

  • Home Assistant Solar Monitoring

    I’ve managed to get Home Assistant working out how much the energy produced by my solar system would cost me off the grid.