Tag: Graphics

  • Learning how to draw things on the Agon Light

    I’ve been having a bit of a play around with my Agon Light, trying to come up with some ideas for a future video. I’ve discovered it has quite a nice 320×240 64 colour video mode that has just enough pixels to be interesting. Here’s a little thing I managed to create. It started off…

  • Wang Tiles and other ways to tile a plane

    Understand the concept of tiling a plane by arranging regular tiles in a systematic manner, creating visually pleasing patterns. Additionally, get introduced to Wang tiles, a fascinating method that employs specific rules for tile placement, resulting in captivating, non-repetitive designs.

  • Gamedev, music, art and being creative

    I am not a creative person, and I’d quite like to change this. There’s a bunch of creative skills I’ve never put the effort into improving and I think I might have some ways to overcome this. Let’s have a look… When I say I’m not creative, what I mean is coming up with ideas…

  • Setting up MSYS2 and LibSDL2 for graphics programming in Windows

    How I set up Windows 11 for graphics programming using SDL2 and MSYS2.

  • Copper

    How to make Amiga like effects on an 8 bit Spectrum

  • ZX Spectrum Next Hardware Sprites Overview

    An overview of the Spectrum Next’s hardware sprites

  • Devlog 02 – Layer 2 Graphics

    An overview of the Spectrum Next’s Layer 2 bitmap display

  • Odroid Go Graphics Programming

    Making a microcontroller produce graphics is very similar to making an old 8 or 16 bit computer draw images. They both have small screens, not much RAM and not enough CPU power to draw all the screen all the time.

  • Odroid Go Raw Coding

    I bought an ODroid-GO console which is based off an ESP32 microcontroller. I’m learning how to program games on it from scratch.