Workshed Tidying

My workshed is mess, I can barely get into it and I have a bunch of projects that need starting. Let’s fix that…

Over the summer it was way too hot to go in my shed – a problem I need to solve for next year – and it just turned into a storage area, with things being pushed in and the door hastily closed. As it wasn’t raining today I set about tidying the mess up.

This was after my earlier tidying attempt

I made some attempts earlier in the year, mostly just to get things off the floor so I could get in at all, but this time I went all in and pulled all the random items out so the floor was completely clear.

The mess escaped out the door

My workshed is now split into three main parts – a (still needing to be organised) 3D printing area

3D printer

A main workbench

Main workbench

And a side bench for electronics or whatever

Side bench

Now hopefully I can go in the place and do something productive without first needing to tidy a space, get bored and go off to do something else.