Updated Website

I’m not a web designer, I find the creative part quite interesting but buggering about with templating languages and having to learn far moreJavaScript and CSS than is healthy really puts me off. I’ve mostly gone about this by going online, finding a Bootstrap template and beatingit into some vague shape that looks not too terrible.

This time however I decided to actually make a proper template from “scratch”. In this instance “scratch” means I found the Mobirise website builder and slotted together a bunch of items that looked fairly decent. Then I copied it all into my website tool Hugo and began beating on it to add the functionality I wanted.

The end result seems to actually work quite well. Hugo’s great, it makes static HTML so debugging wonkly layouts is very easy and there isn’t anything to compromise or hack. I once left a default Joomla installation on a virtual machine, and the only way I knew is because I got an upset email from my ISP telling me to shut my spam factory down…