The Dark Art of Programming – Writing Cursed Code

It’s Halloween, programming is an art form and there’s a darker side to it. Come with me in this fun video as I explore several languages that hate you and are trying to make your life difficult, before we go off down the rabbit hole and find some truly horrific examples of real programming.

There’s languages that are hard to read, languages that are deliberately hard to understand with nonsensical rules and syntax. Then there’s the true evil cooked up at 3am when programmers really need to get their job finished and nobody cares how they get it done.

No, this video is not just a trip through the Esolangs website picking out the usual suspects, it gets far far worse. Did you ever think regular expressions were a good idea, or write CGI programs in Perl? Maybe you’re a seasoned C programmer and have had a look at the madness on display in the Obfuscated C contest.