Tag: Solar

  • Soldering a Solar Light in the Sun

    I bought a pair of cheapo outdoor solar lights from Amazon. One is on my shed round the back of the house, the other is on the shed at the front of the house. Yes, I have a bit of a shed obsession. After a few days the front one stopped working. I took it…

  • Estimating Battery Runtime Using Home Assistant

    How I set up Home Assistant to tell me the remaining runtime on my home solar battery system.

  • October Solar Stats

    Some more stats on my home solar setup now it’s autumn and daylight seems to be a distant memory.

  • September Solar Usage

    Looking at how my home solar battery installation is performing now the weather is less sunny.

  • Solar battery usage

    Some observations about my whole house solar installation and how it performs under different weather conditions.

  • ICONICA 1000W 12V Hybrid Solar Inverter Fan Replacement

    I replace the noisy fans in my hybrid solar inverter with quieter ones.

  • Shut up you noisy inverter

    The inverter I have for my DIY Solar setup is a noisy thing. It has two little 60mm fans that come on to cool it down. And they roar like a wannabe rackmount server. Today I swapped them out for some quieter ones off Amazon. Apart from making the inverter quiet it was also a…

  • DIY Solar – is it worth it?

    Can I put a solar panel on the roof of my shed and use it to power my server farm, or will I just waste all my money?

  • Home Assistant Solar Monitoring

    I’ve managed to get Home Assistant working out how much the energy produced by my solar system would cost me off the grid.

  • DIY Home Solar Finished

    My DIY solar install is finished