Tag: Electronics

  • Soldering a Solar Light in the Sun

    I bought a pair of cheapo outdoor solar lights from Amazon. One is on my shed round the back of the house, the other is on the shed at the front of the house. Yes, I have a bit of a shed obsession. After a few days the front one stopped working. I took it…

  • Solar battery usage

    Some observations about my whole house solar installation and how it performs under different weather conditions.

  • How trying to make pocket calculators do complex maths accidentally invented modern computing

    What happens when you set out to build a pocket calculator? Follow along as we go through the thoroughly bizarre story of how trying to do complex maths and fit it in our pockets lead directly to the machine you’re using right now to read this.

  • RC2014 Raspberry Pi Pico VGA Terminal Self-Build

    The RC2014 is a DIY Z80 based computer that talks to the outside world using serial comms. This means you need a serial interface to another computer in order to control it. Recently I came across the Pi Pico VGA Terminal board that does away with all that faff. Now, I could buy it, but…

  • ICONICA 1000W 12V Hybrid Solar Inverter Fan Replacement

    I replace the noisy fans in my hybrid solar inverter with quieter ones.

  • DIY VGA Serial Terminal

    I use a Raspberry Pi Pico and turn it into a serial terminal for my RC2014.

  • Shut up you noisy inverter

    The inverter I have for my DIY Solar setup is a noisy thing. It has two little 60mm fans that come on to cool it down. And they roar like a wannabe rackmount server. Today I swapped them out for some quieter ones off Amazon. Apart from making the inverter quiet it was also a…

  • DIY Solar – is it worth it?

    Can I put a solar panel on the roof of my shed and use it to power my server farm, or will I just waste all my money?

  • Hacking Smart Home Devices – Literally

    This week I have literally been hacking smart home devices. With a Dremel and a knife… To see why you’ll have to wait for a video coming out sometime this month or next month depending on the post. The short version is I want these to run Tasmota instead of the Tuya firmware they come…

  • Crap quality USB cables

    Hooray for USB-C, it’s getting rid of crap quality USB cables…