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Raspberry Pi 400 Devkit for RC2014

Sure, I could just use my PC for this, but I like the idea of having a dedicated machine that I can install a development environment in, use and later completely wipe if I need to. In my head there’s a limit on just how many versions of GCC and friends you can put on a machine before something unexpected happens.

Raspberry Pi 400

Raspberry Pi 400

So there’s a Pi 400 which after using it for a few hours I would describe as functionally adequate. I remember Linux desktops in the early 2000s and it feels a bit like that with a similar kind of responsiveness when you try to make it compute things. I’m using the Pi version of Ubuntu which seems to make the mouse lag in a strange manner, it’s probably either just how the Pi really is (although they claim it can do 4k60 so…?) or Ubuntu isn’t properly optimised. Or it could be my screen, I’m using a 1080p TV and it doesn’t do 60Hz – it only does 30. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong and messed up a setting.

Anyway, here’s a nice desktop setup…

I made a fancy background picture too

I made a fancy background picture too

I was going to explain how to set this up, but it’s so simple there’s no point. Just install Z88DK following its instructions and that’s it. The hard bit is working out the compiler switches to make Z88DK create the files that I can put onto the RC2014.

So next step – writing a proper program, then trying to make it work in CP/M.


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