3d Printer Extreme Teardown

I’ve bought a new 3D printer, I thought it’d be fun to take the old one apart!

Anatomy of a 3D printer

There’s quite a lot of useful things inside a 3D printer, especially one that came as a kit and is full of standard parts. After getting a new Creality Ender 3 V2 I set about dismantling my old generic 3D printer.

From the resulting mess I’ve managed to harvest the following useful components

  • 3 stepper motors
  • 3 stepper motor drivers
  • Assorted lengths of wire
  • threaded rods
  • smooth rods and linear bearings
  • pulleys and belts
  • A load of machine screws

Maybe in the future I’ll use this to build something interesting. A plotter or some kind of robot arm thing maybe?