Tag: Python

  • Programming Language Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs are usually hidden inside our games and software, but did you know there are some hidden inside the tools and languages used to make that software? Come with me on a fun Easter diversion while we eat our bodyweight in chocolate, and look at six programming Easter Eggs. Some of these are from…

  • Calculating Pi using Python – Gauss-Legendre and Monte Carlo methods – #piday 2024

    Let’s celebrate #piday in this appropriately short video by writing some #python programs to calculate Pi. The first method uses something called the Gauss-Legendre method. It works by iteratively refining an approximation of Pi, generating the answer digit by digit. When writing code to calculate Pi we run into issues trying to store the calculated…

  • Cellular Tomato

    In preparation for my next video I’ve been tidying up some cellular automata code I wrote. There’s some good old Conway’s Life, some 1D CAs that make pretty patterns, and one I recently discovered called Wire World. Now, since I can’t just make a thing without fiddling about, an afternoon of “can I write Conway’s…

  • Reading and Writing JSON using Python

    How to read and write JSON files using Python so that they can be used in your Python programs.

  • Python Commandline Argument Parsing

    Parsing commandline arguments easily using argparse