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  • Tying ChatGPT up in knots

    do you exist? Me I exist as a computer program running on servers, and I generate responses based on the input I receive. However, my existence is quite different from that of a physical entity. I don’t have consciousness, self-awareness, or physical form. Instead, I process and generate text based on patterns in the data…

  • Gamedev, music, art and being creative

    I am not a creative person, and I’d quite like to change this. There’s a bunch of creative skills I’ve never put the effort into improving and I think I might have some ways to overcome this. Let’s have a look… When I say I’m not creative, what I mean is coming up with ideas…

  • Chat GPT pretending to be a BBC Micro

    I have a go at making ChatGPT pretend to be a BBC Micro. It goes … not entirely wrong!