Tag: Cellular Automata

  • Cellular Automata – Simulate life from chaos and code

    Today, we’re diving into the world of cellular automata. A digital playground of sorts where simple rules lead to astonishing complexity. where order can arise from chaos and collapse back into chaos just as quickly. First we have a look at One Dimensional Cellular Automata which were originally conceived by John Von Neumann in the…

  • Cellular Tomato

    In preparation for my next video I’ve been tidying up some cellular automata code I wrote. There’s some good old Conway’s Life, some 1D CAs that make pretty patterns, and one I recently discovered called Wire World. Now, since I can’t just make a thing without fiddling about, an afternoon of “can I write Conway’s…

  • Optimised Z80 – Conway’s Life Improved

    Writing more optimised assembly to improve the speed of the Conway’s Life algorithm

  • Conways Life in Z80 Assembly

    Programming the popular cellular automaton using Z80 Assembler