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  • Programming Windows Screensavers – Agon Light Graphics Programming

    I’m learning how to program the Agon Light, and as a project thought it’d be fun to try and program two of the classic Windows 3.11 screensavers – Mystify and Starfield Simulation. My aim is not to simply program the Agon Light by cloning the Windows 3.11 screensavers, but to learn how to program the…

  • Programming Language Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs are usually hidden inside our games and software, but did you know there are some hidden inside the tools and languages used to make that software? Come with me on a fun Easter diversion while we eat our bodyweight in chocolate, and look at six programming Easter Eggs. Some of these are from…

  • Agon Light Graphics Tests

    It’s the Easter holidays and I’ve got two weeks off work. Amongst highly exciting things like weeding the garden and waiting for a new washing machine to be delivered, I’m doing some programming. After spending a bit too long remembering how my own code works, I managed to create a simple starfield that looks quite…

  • Sinclair BASIC vs BBC BASIC – How to fit an entire devkit inside 64K

    Just how did 8 bit computers like the ZX Spectrum or BBC Micro manage to cram an entire programming language into their tiny systems, and still have space for the user’s programs? Let’s compare two systems of the time – the low end ZX Spectrum that tried to cram as much computer as possible into…

  • Chat GPT pretending to be a BBC Micro

    I have a go at making ChatGPT pretend to be a BBC Micro. It goes … not entirely wrong!

  • BBC BASIC in RiscOS on a Raspberry Pi is really cool

    Your Raspberry Pi can do more than emulate games consoles or be a really slow Linux desktop. Come into the alternate mirror universe where Raspberry Pis run more than Linux.

  • Bbc Micro Mega Upgrade

    Upgrading my BBC Micro to use a Gotek floppy emulator, 1770 disk controller and a Raspberry Pi co-processor.

  • How I Became a better Computer Science teacher

    How writing code for a 40 year old computer made me a better computer science teacher.

  • BBC Micro – Computer Literacy 1980s

    A look at how the BBC Micro made the UK computer literate.