If you want to sponsor my content, that’s great. I will consider sponsorships that are

  1. Relevant to my content
  2. Have a reasonable time for me to make the video(s)
  3. Free from you needing to preview and review the content

Relevant content means something that a computer literate adult who is interested in technology, knowledge and making would find interesting. I will not accept sponsors for

  • Mobile apps and games
  • Self help / therapy apps
  • Food
  • Clothing / Self care products

I will consider sponsors for

  • Educational sites / products if they are STEM/Computer science related
  • Hardware and electronics

It takes me between two weeks and a month to produce a video. If you want to sponsor a video I will not submit my videos to you for checking before release, and you do not get the right to ask for changes to the videos.

I am not a review channel and do not want to annoy my viewers by randomly reviewing products. If you send me products to feature on my channel expect me to give honest opinions of them.

Contact me at [email protected] and clearly mark your email, I get a lot of spam.