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  • DIY Solar – is it worth it?

    DIY Solar – is it worth it?

    Can I put a solar panel on the roof of my shed and use it to power my server farm, or will I just waste all my money?

  • Hacking IoT Smart Plugs

    Hacking IoT Smart Plugs

    Let’s make the Internet of Things a bit more useful, and less like The Internet of Turd by hacking some smart plugs so they no longer phone home to China.

  • BBC BASIC in RiscOS on a Raspberry Pi is really cool

    BBC BASIC in RiscOS on a Raspberry Pi is really cool

    Your Raspberry Pi can do more than emulate games consoles or be a really slow Linux desktop. Come into the alternate mirror universe where Raspberry Pis run more than Linux.

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  • Soldering a Solar Light in the Sun

    I bought a pair of cheapo outdoor solar lights from Amazon. One is on my shed round the back of…

  • Sonoff Hacking to install Tasmota

    I bought some of those Sonoff BASIC smart switches off Amazon and flashed them with Tasmota. It’s a pretty painless…

  • I Just Broke WordPress…

    OK that was pretty strange. I wrote a blog post, hit submit and the front page of my WordPress installation…