Welcome to my part of the Internet. On here you’ll find links to all my YouTube videos, blog posts and explanations of the various hardware and software projects I’ve been working on. You’ll find me writing C or assembly on various old and obsolete systems, letting the magic smoke out of electronics and working on retro computers. If it’s technical and involves computers or electronics, I’m interested in it.

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  • Running a PeerTube Instance

    For no reason other than I can, I’ve set up a PeerTube instance to also upload my videos to. It’s…

  • Agon Light Joystick Test 1

    I’m working on getting a joystick port working on my Agon Light. They don’t come with joystick ports, but there…

  • Cellular Tomato

    In preparation for my next video I’ve been tidying up some cellular automata code I wrote. There’s some good old…