Logo and Mindstorms - Learning How to Program

So how exactly do you learn programming? There's more to it than just typing in code listings after all. Let's find out using LOGO on my BBC!

Quazar Graphic OLED Display - Real Pixels for your RC2014

I found a real bitmap display for the RC2014 and here's how I made it work.

Raspberry Pi 400 Devkit for RC2014

I turned a Raspberry Pi 400 into a C devkit for the RC2014

Optimised Z80 - Conway's Life Improved

Writing more optimised assembly to improve the speed of the Conway's Life algorithm

How I Became a better Computer Science teacher

How writing code for a 40 year old computer made me a better computer science teacher.

Bbc Micro - Computer Literacy 1980s

A look at how the BBC Micro made the UK computer literate.

Conways Life in Z80 Assembly

Programming the popular cellular automaton using Z80 Assembler

Zombies! - A Game Written in Z80 Assembly

Converting a 1980s BASIC type-in game into Z80 Assembly.

Clueless Chillout Coding

Get comfy and watch as I try to figure out how to write a really simple program the hard way.

Debugging Z80 With Arduino

Let's hook an Arduino up to a 1980s CPU and see what happens!

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