Quazar Graphic OLED Display - Real Pixels for your RC2014

I found a real bitmap display for the RC2014 and here's how I made it work.

Optimised Z80 - Conway's Life Improved

Writing more optimised assembly to improve the speed of the Conway's Life algorithm

How I Became a better Computer Science teacher

How writing code for a 40 year old computer made me a better computer science teacher.

Bbc Micro - Computer Literacy 1980s

A look at how the BBC Micro made the UK computer literate.

Conways Life in Z80 Assembly

Programming the popular cellular automaton using Z80 Assembler

Zombies! - A Game Written in Z80 Assembly

Converting a 1980s BASIC type-in game into Z80 Assembly.

Clueless Chillout Coding

Get comfy and watch as I try to figure out how to write a really simple program the hard way.

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