I like coding. I really like coding. This bit of my site is like an artist's sketchbook full of random ideas and half-baked concepts. I used to hide all this stuff away on my PC in a folder, but I figure putting it online might motivate me to finish at least one or two ideas.

Don't expect any of this to work too well, or to even be a thing that you'd even want to use. Think of it more as a way of looking at programming tasks that at some time in their life I thought were cool, interesting and worth making.

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Teapot Game Engine

Write a game engine that is easy to port to different hardware, operating systems and anything that runs a C compiler. The long term aim being to make my games persistent as time and technology progresses.

PNG to RGB565 C Header

A tool to convert PNG files into C headers so that images can be imported into Arduino, etc projects that make use of ILI9341 displays.