25 Year Old Coding Project Review

I found my 25 year old A-Level programming project, is it any good?

Atari St Mouse - How's it work anyway?

I take my Atari ST mouse apart to figure out how it works.

Logo and Mindstorms - Learning How to Program

So how exactly do you learn programming? There's more to it than just typing in code listings after all. Let's find out using LOGO on my BBC!

Upgrading My Atari ST to 4MB

I upgrade my Atari STFM to 4MB of RAM using a Marpet XTra RAM Deluxe board

Tired Psu Repair My Atari 520STFM

So just how bad is a nearly 30 year old power supply? Let's find out!

Unopened Decade My Atari 520STFM

Come with me for a nostalgic trip around my Atari ST that I had has a child that has been sat unopened for the past 10 years

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