January 2020

First visit to the allotment this year, mostly to drop off the contents of our food waste bins and see what needs doing for this coming year.

The shed needs repairing or replacing, it’s falling apart. I have a metal one at home that I’d quite like to replace with a more pleasant looking wooden one. The metal one could then come to the allotment and might survive better.

The greenhouse needs completely clearning out, there’s some old raised beds I made that don’t work at all. They just dry out and nothing grows but deep rooted weeds. The compost from them can go onto the main beds outside. A lot of glass is missing, some of it broke earlier in the winter.

The main beds need digging over, and maybe widening to reduce the amount of mowing I have to do. Once the plants are growing, and weeds have been controlled, the only maintenance that needs doing is mowing, and it needs doing weekly which is a pain.

At the front where my car goes is space for two beds, one of which I want to put the rhubarb in, after splitting it in half.

The ground needs more fertiliser adding to it, and some more organic matter. It dries out and cracks when it’s sunny, and the plants seem to have a hard time growing properly. Could do with a source of manure, but might have to just buy some bags from B&Q.


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