First release

16 August 2018 2:47 pm

When writing games for the ODroid Go, I needed a tool to convert PNG images into RGB565 format bitmaps as that's what the ODroid's screen understands. Also, since reading from the SD card required more effort than I wanted to expend, including the images as C source was a simpler idea. The source gets written into a ROM anyway, so it's no less inefficient to do this.

Originally I was using the Gimp's ability to export images as C files, but this didn't give me a very productive workflow; annoyingly The Gimp can export image data is either .h or .c files but the .h version generated rubbish that was no use, and the .c version required just enough tweaking to make it annoying every time I saved a file.

I found part of this code online in a Stack Overflow post, and then modified it to generate a C header file that can be included easily in my source. Hopefully if I can remember enough Make magic I'll build image generation into the build process.