CoreWars REDCODE machine

I decided it'd be fun to create a REDCODE machine using Python

Project Description

I decided it would be fun to create a REDCODE machine using nothing but Python. Not sure why, but there you go!

Project Details

  • Python
  • CoreWars


Date Version Details Filename Size
2017-10-23 rel-0.0.0 Added MOV function 4 kB

Dev Diary

Test entry two

The 4th one is called as PANEER in India and that's edible also tastes awesome, please check out YouTube for some delicious dishes. I hope my international friends will like this PANEER´╗┐

It does MOV

Sausage meatball cow bacon shank. Venison beef ribs pig, jowl ham turducken boudin sirloin kielbasa filet mignon tail ground round. Swine shoulder rump burgdoggen pastrami ham hock doner jowl t-bone capicola ham cow.